A1 house


Location: Castelmuzio (SI)

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The building is located in the center of the small medieval hamlet, Castelmuzio, near Pienza in the Val d’Orcia area of Tuscany. The original construction dates to the 1500’s and was altered and transformed over the course of the centuries until the 20th. The project eliminates the incoherent stratifications added over time to create strong spatial continuity between the two levels, accentuated by the double-height entry space which allows light to penetrate the darker interior of the house. The outdoor area providing access to the house was redesigned to enlarge the entry space and to enhance the existing centuries-old pear tree at the center of the green space.





Project: Giuseppe Vallifuoco, Mirco Pani


Collaborators: Gianluca Anolfo, Marco Pittaluga, Antonio Nurchi


Commision: Schematics, design development, construction documents, site supervision


Client: Private

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