Aquadulci Hotel


Location: Chia (CA)

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The hotel is located in a unique and extraordinary landscape setting on the edge of the Cala Cipolla wetlands area. The existing structures were unfinished on the interiors. The client required the redefinition of interior circulation,  the design of furnishings and landscaping. The space for public functions – entrance, reception, lobby, offices, bar, conference room – was conceived of as a continuous space measured by columns and a large curved wall defining the bar– a colorful volume from the exterior, a cozy space facing the large fireplace on the interior.





Project: Giuseppe Vallifuoco, Mirco Pani, Ilene Steingut


Collaborators: Marco Pittaluga


Consultants: Lilliu Massa Associati, Criteria s.r.l.


Commision: Schematics, design development, construction documents, site supervision


Client: Private

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