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Location: Quartucciu

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VPS was awarded the commission for the preliminary redesign of part of the small city of Quartucciu  characterized by the presence of commercial and  cultural activities. The project includes the design of the park adjacent to a newly constructed museum. A masterplan was conceived to reconnect the project site with its broader urban context. The project for the park and the redesign of the street corridor was envisaged through a public  participation process that included surveys of business owners and residents, focus groups and a design charrette that included both stakeholder groups  as well as the city's political leaders, the results of which were analyzed and interpreted to reach a final design solution. The street axis was reconfigured, with new plantings and green areas, illumination and urban furnishings, as well as a safer bike lane. The park was divided into two areas: the area cosest to the street is a new topography of sunny hillock/dunes with sinuous pathways planted with olive trees; the second area, a visual backdrop to  the sunny  zone,  is a shaded area of closely planted fruit trees of the kind that traditionally grow in the vicinity.




Project: VPS


Collaborators: Federica Isola, Giulia Vettese, Luca Putzolu, Luigi Depperu,  Gianluca Anolfo


Commission: Schematics


Client: Municipality of  Quartucciu


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