Museum of 20th century art


Location: Sassari (SS)

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The original building of the Carmelite Convent, located along the north- east edge of Sassari’s historic center, dates from the 17th century. Subsequent additions were made for its reuse first as barracks and then as school. The project, which develops the complex’s spatial organization and strategic location, was organized as follows: – Restoration and reuse of the main volume for the Sardinian regional “Museum of 20th century and contemporary art” – Restoration and reuse of the corner volume (Archivolto del Carmelo) for the “Interreg Center”





Restoration: Giuseppe Vallifuoco, Mirco Pani, Mirko Cianchi ( architectural design)


Collaborators: Gianluca Anolfo, Laura Mura


Giampiero Mameli, Salvatore Manconi (structures and mechanicals)


Commision: Schematics / design development/ construction documents/ site supervision

Client: Provincia di Sassari


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