News Café


Ubicazione: Rome

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News Cafe is in via della Stamperia in the historic center of Rome near the Fontana di Trevi. The design had to resolve the problems of a small space, taking into account the nature of the building itself. The main space is distinguished by a slightly concave glass and wood bar along one of the long walls. From a curved steel beam above the bar are suspended glass shelves for bottles and glasses, which the lighting transforms into a highly decorative element. The architectural approach lies in the presence of traditional materials and technologies and decidedly contemporary solutions







Progetto: VPS, Cortesdesign (Grafica)


Collaboratori: Luigi Depperu,  Giulia Sorrentino, Maria Baldinucci


Incarico: Progetto preliminare, definitivo, esecutivo, direzione lavori


Committente: Privato

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