Integrated Landscape Plan


Location: Montiferru (OR)

VPS provided assistance to 6 municipalities comprising the landscape compendium in a funding competition for the Integrated Landscape Program, which received 2nd place status. The landscape development program proposes actions that put communities at the center of the progressive regeneration of its landscape, not carried out with the aim of improving or modifying the landscape itself (as a physical factor or percetive element), but to redefine, in a perspective of progress and civilization, landscape function in relation to human activities. The program’s main goal is to create an integrated system comprising  the variety, complexity and richness of Montiferru’s natural, historical, archaeological, monumental and cultural heritage in order to: create diversified landscape uses both in space and in time; offer seasonal variations for tourism uses, creating attractions in the off-season; create an "integrated Montiferru system,"  a highly recognizable landscape network; create new economies, improving and strengthening existing activities and traditions; create a new shared sensibility that can reinforce landscape culture. The strategies pursued in compliance with the Regional Landscape Plan, consist of: favoring systemic and procedural aspects that regard the entire area; reusing buildings, places and infrastructure rather than undertaking new works; locating projects in relation to systemic ones; creating synergies with projects underway; including in the overall strategy community-building actions such as promotion, awareness raising, training and management.





Project: VPS, Rossella Sanna


Collaborators: Gianluca Anolfo, Cecilia Gilardi


Client: Cuglieri Municipality (with Bonarcado, Milis, Narbolia,

Santu Lussurgiu, Seneghe)

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